Claussen Pickles

Southern Glazer’s Proof

Art Direction

Digital shopping experience for North America’s largest wine and spirit distributor. 

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Mastercard Artist Accelerator

Campaign / Art Direction

Mastercard teamed up with five emerging musicians from around the globe, helping them pave their way in the music sphere with a one-of-a-kind assembly of innovative virtual tools.

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Hyacinth Flower Shop

Brand Design / Packaging Design / Photography

A visual identity system created for Hyacinth Flower Shop, a unique and disruptive hybrid of a dispensary and floral design store. We created an otherworldly experience for those who thrive on aesthetics and aren't afraid to venture out of the box. We've created our own universe, bold and unapologetic, inspired by our UV floral photography, something that sets us apart from the crowd and uniquely our own.

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Brand Design / Packaging Design

A visual identity system created for Void, a gender-neutral skincare company, that aims to reinvent how people view skincare. Void was created to stand out among the shelves of monotonous, neutral-toned packaging adopted by many other brands and welcome maximalism for the bold and unique customer.

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The Mayfair Group

Merch Design / Social Design  

A collection of work created for the lifestyle brand, The Mayfir Group. Merch design for  varying collections for The Mayfair Group and in collaboriation with other companies. Social design for The Mayfair Group’s social accounts, as well as brands represented by The Mayfair Group. 

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Editorial Design / Art Direction

An 80-page glossy finish, award winning lifestyle magazine showcasing the lives and minds of University of Miami students. Photographed, designed and written completely by a team of 100+ individuals attending the University of Miami.

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Google G Spot

Campaign / Type Design

We believe that sex education should grant individuals the freedom to explore their bodies without shame. Our focus on the intersection of typography and sex education resulted in the creation of a typeface that reflects the idea of a comfortable and welcoming space.

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Spotify Bedtime Stories 

Campaign / Art Direction

What better way to launch Audiobooks than with the nostalgia of being read to before a good night’s rest? With Bedtime Stories, Spotify wants you to reinvent your bedtime routine and listen like you did once upon a time.

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Aubi & Ramsa 

Creative Direction / Brand Campaign

Everything needs to feel new all the time because I have a desire to reach a “higher” high and I want to feel the rush of it feeling like the first time. 

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Mobile Design / Art Direction

A concept mobile app for the luxury fashion brand Jacquemus. The app was created with the simple yet sophisticated style and tone of the brand, while focusing on imagery of the garments.

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